Listen, Linda! One thing Victoria Monét gone do is entertain, wow, and dazzle! 

She just dropped the official music video for her latest single, “Alright,” and it damn sure is!


In the song, Victoria sings:

He gave me some d**k in bed
Now he think his d**k is embedded
Bout to leave his text on read
I’mma let him know that I read it
Makin n**as feel a way is a forte really
Might not even hit you when I’m in your city
Thought you was about to get some foreplay with me
You won’t even get a picture of these 4k t**ties

The Dave Meyers-directed visual showcases Victoria beauty, talent, and the LOOKS as she executes Sean Bankhead’s choreography with precision. 

Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Victoria paying homage to Michael Jackson


*chef’s kiss*

Get into Victoria Monét’s “Alright” video below.

Social media is going UP for the video! 

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