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In an unprecedented and historic move, Bronny James was selected as the 55th pick in the second round of the NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday.

This selection marks the first time in NBA history that a father-son duo, LeBron James and Bronny James, will potentially be teammates on the same court.

The momentous occasion was celebrated in a private setting in New York, where the James family gathered for an intimate dinner party.

Sources told ESPN that the group included LeBron’s mother, Gloria, his wife Savannah‘s parents, and some of Bronny’s closest friends and confidants.

The emotional weight of the event was palpable as LeBron led a champagne toast to commemorate his son’s historic achievement.

“In the history of the NBA, there’s never been a father and a son that have shared an NBA basketball court, and that feels like something that could be magical,” Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka remarked.

“We know, and have to respect of course, that LeBron has a decision on his opt-out… but if it worked out that he was on our team next season, NBA history could be made. And NBA history should be made in a Lakers uniform.”

Bronny, 19, had a notable albeit challenging season at USC, where he averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 19.4 minutes per game.

His season was notably impacted by a cardiac arrest episode that required surgery for a congenital heart defect, sidelining him for nearly five months.

Despite this setback, Bronny James made a strong comeback and was medically cleared by the NBA’s Fitness to Play Panel just in time for the draft combine.

During the combine in Chicago, Bronny’s performance significantly boosted his draft stock.

He excelled in agility drills and was among the top performers in 3-point shooting drills, showcasing his readiness and potential to contribute to the Lakers’ roster.

Pelinka praised Bronny’s character and work ethic, stating, “Bronny is, first and foremost, a person of high character. And second, he is a young man that works incredibly hard. Those are the qualities we look for in drafting players and adding to our developmental corps at the Lakers.”

LeBron James faces a pivotal decision with his Lakers contract, having until Saturday to opt into the final year, valued at $51.4 million, or become an unrestricted free agent.

The Lakers are keen on retaining the 39-year-old superstar and are prepared to offer him a maximum three-year, $162 million deal to ensure his continued presence with the franchise.

Lakers All-Star Anthony Davis supported the team targeting Bronny, highlighting his defensive skills, playmaking ability, and impressive court vision.

“He’s very good defensively,” Davis told ESPN.

“He can read the floor very well. I think he’s a really good playmaker. I saw him work out a couple of times besides the [Klutch Sports] pro day and working with a big — his reads, reading the defense, making the right passes — that was really impressive to me. I think he’s going to be fine, man. Obviously, it’s a lot of pressure on him with his dad being who he is.”

“But one thing about Bronny, from what I’ve seen and what I heard, he wants to create his own path and he doesn’t want to be — even though he’s LeBron James’ son, he doesn’t want to be seen as that. And I think having that mindset and trying to create his own path is going to work out for him. … Who knows, he might come in and be ready to play for us.”

As the James family celebrates this historic milestone, the basketball world eagerly anticipates the potential of witnessing a father and son sharing the NBA court, making history together in the iconic Lakers uniform.

Congrats to the Bronny James and his proud father.

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