Vertical Entertainment Releases ‘Outsiders’ Trailer

Skylan Brooks as Jaylan Brown in Outsiders

Vertical Entertainment has released the official trailer for Outsiders, the Delmar Washington-directed sci-thriller. 

About The Film: 

When Black high school student Jaylen Brown (Skylan Brooks) finds himself under suspicion after his classmate, Amira (Clark Backo), disappears during a party, all fingers point toward him as prejudice quickly boils to the surface in his small southern town. Working against the clock to clear his name and uncover the truth about Amira’s mysterious disappearance, Jaylen begins to unravel a massive web of secrets that reveal otherworldly forces at play. 

The Cast: 

Starring Skylan Brooks, Shane West, Hart Denton, Diamond White, Rutina Wesley, Bill Engvall and Taryn Manning.

Release Date: 

March 11, 2022 (In theaters and VOD)

Watch The Trailer: 

Do you plan to see Outsiders when it is released?

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