Shayne and Shaina - Love Is Blind Season 2

(THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS)Love Is Blind” season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix and the shenanigans and tomfoolery are in full swing. 

In this first look at episode 6, Shayne and Shaina meet face-to-face for the first time outside of the pods when she visits the cast in Chicago. 

Earlier in the season the two of them formed a close bond in the pods, but Shayne ultimately chose Natalie and proposed to her. 

Shaina, in an effort not to go home empty-handed excepted a proposal from Kyle know good and got darn well she didn’t want him

She ended up abandoning Kyle in Mexico and broke things off with him.

Now, Shaina is attempting to re-up on Shayne by planting seeds of mess in his relationship with Natalie. 

While chatting, Shayne called Shaina out after she told his fiancé if they don’t work out she has a nice guy she could hook Natalie up with. 

Shaina, who is giving me mild Shanae vibes, claimed it was a “joke.” 

Ha! Ha! Hell.

Watch the clip below.

Natalie is better than me because this would have been a group discussion from the jump!

Honestly, once you’ve ended your relationship from the pods, you should be excluded from any contact with the other couples until the show is over. 

But, the producers of the show are going to get ratings by any messy means necessary.

Are you watching the new season of “Love Is Blind?”

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