Usain Bolt and Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill have been going at each other for a while, but Bolt got one up on Tyreek after the Super Bowl clowning him for losing a race to a linebacker.

Tyreek lost a race to Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons during Pro Bowl weekend.

The video went viral, and many people clowned Tyreek, but many others acknowledged that he didn’t look like he was trying to win the race.

Watch the video below:

Prior to the video, Tyreek was hailed as the fastest player in the NFL, and he often came at Bolt saying he could beat him in a race.

Watch the video below of Tyreek talking spicy about Bolt below:

Usain Bolt recently took the opportunity, while leaving the Super Bowl, to remind Tyreek that he recently lost a race to a linebacker, and he don’t want no smoke with the fastest man in the world.

Watch the video below:

I’m with Bolt on this one, Olympic speed and NFL speed are different.

Source: TMZ