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Gary Owen Says There’s ‘A Big Twist’ To His Divorce: ‘It’s A Doozy’ (Video)

Gary Owen stopped by the “Wendy Show” to promote The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2, which opens in theaters on Friday, June 11.

Wendy Williams kicked off the interview by heavily flirting with Gary to the point of making him visibly uncomfortable.

Eventually the convo shifted to his nasty divorce from Kenya Duke after nearly 20 years of marriage. 

You may recall, Kenya recently blasted Gary for leaving his family high and dry and for being a deadbeat father. 

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Gary Owen basically said his kids are adults so how could he be a deadbeat father?!

He went on to say he has remained silent about his divorce because he doesn’t want to participate in the social media reindeer games. 

Gary says he was advised by his attorney not to speak on the divorce as well, but he did note:

There is a big twist to my divorce that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a doozy.

But, I can’t speak on it yet. But, It’s big. It’s big…

It changes the whole dynamic of the divorce.

Watch the video clip below.


What do you think the plot-twist is in Gary Owen’s divorce from Kenya Duke?

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