LaTocha Takes A Break From Xscape 

LaTocha Scott has decided to take a break from Xscape, according to sources close to the group.

LaTocha will join the group for The Soul Train Music Awards on November 13, where they will be honored with the Lady of Soul Award.

Afterward, the three remaining group members will continue performing without her.

Fans noticed that LaTocha was missing from a tour promo picture posted to Instagram a few weeks ago, and they began to question what was going on.

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According to sources, LaTocha was originally a part of the tour, but her husband and the promoter got into it, and LaTocha decided to pull out of the tour after the group decided to stick with the promoter.

Xscape wants fans to know that LaTocha is still a part of the group, and the only reason she’s not in the promo picture is she decided not to do the tour.

LaTocha’s voice is truly amazing.

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Source: TMZ

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