Tyrin Turner & Former Outlawz Rapper Napoleon Detail How Their Fist Fight Ended In Peace

Actor Tyrin Turner and former rapper from Tupac’s Outlawz group, Napoleon, both appeared on “The Art of Dialogue” podcast and detailed how their fistfight could’ve gone left but ended in peace.

Tyrin Turner said he was best friends with Dalvin from Jodeci, and he found out that Dalvin and Napoleaon, whose also known as Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, were dating the same female.

Ironically, Tyrin stated, “this don’t have nothing to do with me, at all!”

He said the two men had an argument on the phone over the female, which resulted in them saying they would fight each other if they crossed paths.

So Tyrin Turner said he received a call from Dalvin one day, and Dalvin said he was in the liquor store, and Mutah was outside.

Tyrin Turner said he went to the liquor store to have his boy’s back, and when they left the liquor store they saw Mutah.

He said he gave Mutah a look to let him know he was about that life.

He said he and Dalvin headed to the studio, and just so happen Mutah came to the same studio, and while they were walking inside the studio he heard Mutah say:

I don’t give a f**k about all that sh*t… This ain’t no movie sh*t!… This ain’t no… This ain’t no… Anybody can get it!…’

Tyrin said he felt like Mutah was talking about him so he turned around and did him.

He said he took off on Mutah, and they said let’s go in the street.

So they went in the middle of the street and they fought while a crowd watched.

So we go in the middle of the street, you know, we got a, it’s kind of like a crowd.

You know what I mean, so we’re in the middle of the street and we get down, you know what I mean?…

We get down. I do my thing the way I do it…. I feel like I can fight.

I’m not going to say I won or lose, but imma tell the world this I can actually fight.

I can fight. So in my own way I was fighting and I was doing a good job at what I was doing.

I did my job for myself.

So when the gun fall out, I see the gun, and then, um, it threw my energy of because I’m like, ‘Damn this could go all bad now because this is different. There’s a pistol involved and sh*t.’

I’m like, ‘Hold on man, I just want to get down and squab…’

I don’t know how the gun got to my boy Doc, but the gun got to Doc.

I still got energy. Mutah kind of like, you know, I seen it was kind of like this where it needs to end, you know what I’m saying?…

It was kind of like, ’Nah, Im good,’ you know, and, um, I think it was a situation to what I seen ,was like… You got to be prepared…

I don’t think he necessarily… He underestimated the situation it wasn’t probably in his mind prepared the way he felt like he needed to be prepared, in his own mind, right?…

But I will say to this, there was no winner in that situation, a fight, whatever!…

The winner was me and him fought like men, the winner was that no one was a sore loser.

Tyrin said Dalvin told him to get in the car when the fight was over, but he didn’t want to because he didn’t want to get dumped out.

He said he trusted his feet in that situation to make the right decision.

He said Mutah ended up telling his people not to do anything because they had a fair fight, and he said he respects Mutah for that because he handled it like a man when he could’ve pushed the line and made things much worse.

Watch the video clip below of Tyrin Turner’s account of the fight courtesy of “The Art of Dialogue“:

Is it just me or did Tyrin sound like Caine from “Menace” explaining that story?

Napoleon’s account of events pretty much aligns with Tyrin’s.

Napoleon siad K-Ci from Jodeci told him and his man Doc to follow them to the studio.

Napoleon said he was strapped because he use to keep a gun on him when he was in L.A.

He said when he saw Tyrin at the studio they started arguing.

So when I see him, and I’m strapped, you know what I mean?…

You know, in L.A. I used to keep a strap on me.

So when I seen him, we started arguing, I was like, ‘Man, you an actor… You know what I mean, this not ‘Menace II Society,’ get outta here with that acting stuff.’

See a lot of times people be thinking because you see an individual in the movies or on television we be thinking they soft, but Tyrin really grew up in the hood, you know what I mean, his father was an OG, if I’m not mistaken from the rolling 60s.

So he grew up in the hood, you know what I mean?…

We started fighting, and, you know, Tyrin is in shape, and this is a time I was overweight, drinking, and we fighting bro, and, um…

I’ll keep it a hundred, it was a good one!… You know what I mean?…

Yeah, he surprised me, definitely, you know what I mean, when he, um…

So, while we fighting and it got to a point we started wrestling… when my gun fell out, that really shocked him.

Because he paused. You know, back in the day, in that time, nobody usually fight with a gun on them.

You know what I mean?… But, the way I am, from Jersey, if somebody call you out to fight, you got a gun on you, you pull that gun out, you a sucker.

You know what I mean?… So, you just got to fight, you win, you lose, but I ain’t gonna lie, Tyrin bro, after fighting him I was like, ‘Yeah, I gotta stop drinking.’

That’s when I realized, I said, ‘Boy, that drinking had me a little messed up.’

But respect to him, and after that we spoke like men, and we had respect for each other, you know what I mean?…

Because when the fight was over, my brother, um, some of the homies from L.A., bruh, maybe like 20 dudes came up there, and my brother is that type of individual, my brother Mooney, was like, ‘Who fought my brother?… You fought my brother?… You gotta fight me now!’

And then the homies was putting their gloves on, and I wouldn’t let nothing happen to him.

You know what I mean?… I’m like, ‘Nah, that’s sucker stuff.’ You know what I mean?… If I fight and even if it don’t go my way we ain’t gonna jump you. We ain’t gonna do no sucker stuff.

I ain’t gonna pull out no gun or I ain’t gonna let my brother fight you, the dudes…

And I told everybody I said, ‘No, y’all can’t do nothing to him.’

And from that day we just had respect for each other.

Watch the video clip below of Napolean’s account of the fight courtesy of “The Art of Dialogue“:

The beauty of this story is that two men fought it out and gained mutual respect for one another.

Napoleon is now a motivational speaker.

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