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Actor Tyrin Turner, famed for Menace II Society, addresses Jamie Foxx‘s health crisis and responds to rumors about their friendship.

Shortly after Jamie was hospitalized in April 2023 due to a “medical complication,” Tyrin took to Instagram writing:

My boy is doing incredible……….

When you give so much to the world god gives it back!!!!!

Laughing singing and walking the things he loves to do.

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Tyrin Turner Says Jamie Foxx Had A ‘Weird Nervous Breakdown’

During a recent convo with “The Art of Dialogue,” Tyrin Turner, 51, attributed the Oscar-winning actor’s health crisis last April to being overworked and stressed. 

He had a lil scare, but he got over that. He got over that fast.

He went to his lil rehab and whatever – he’s back!

Tyrin Turner went on to share his version of what happened to Jamie Foxx. 

Personally, it was like more stress. More…he just had a lot that he was going through and it was just like some kinda weird nervous breakdown kinda thing where he was just like…overworked. And he just…it just…it just went bad. And he just, you know, blanked out. You know what I mean? But, it wasn’t nothing like overly major to me. Jamie…he’s dramatic a lil bit.

Watch the clip below.

Now, Tyrin… when Jamie Foxx accepted his Vanguard Award he said that he was at a point where he couldn’t even walk.

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Tyrin Addresses Gay Rumors

Tyrin Turner was also asked about the rumors surrounding his friendship with Jamie Foxx. 

You may recall that one of Suge Knight’s social media accounts referred to Tyrin as Jamie’s “ex.” 

Tyrin explained that he shrugged off Suge’s post as residue from a past beef that they had. 

That actor admits that he was taken aback by Suge saying something like that about him.

Tyrin Turner was asked about the Will Smith and Duane Martin rumors, which he obviously felt uncomfortable discussing.

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