DJ Envy Tyrese disrespected his wife Gia - The Breakfast Club

It’s approaching two weeks since Tyrese appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and hashed out his issues with DJ Envy, but he is still assaulting a dead horse in the streets of social media.

In his most recent online antics, Tyrese has released a series of videos via Instagram where he’s in his Terminator bag and talking tough to DJ Envy.

I previously reported, Envy’s wife, Gia Casey spoke out about how Tyrese began to conduct himself in an inappropriate and disrespectful manner during their friendship, which prompted her and DJ Envy to distance themselves from him.

In his video, Tyrese addressed DJ Envy’s infidelity as well as the real estate scandal he’s allegedly involved in.

The caption on the first post read:

Since we out here tryna go “viral” threatening live on the air let’s unpack this all……. However way you/yall respond I’m done done….. Have fun!!

Milk it into ratings and more blogs……. What I’m NEVER gonna do until I take my last breath is let anyone question my integrity, attack my character and be out here reckless on some random f**k s**t…..

I would strongly suggest you tread lightly…. I don’t do cease-and-desist letters. I don’t deal with lawyers I don’t snitch…. I don’t gaslight I wanna fuck up and I’ll make a mistake.

I can tell my own self under the bus….. you decide on your own what level we’re gonna take it to from here…. I want all the smoke beige nigha

In the first video, the singer said:

Envy, you know how you said, ‘I don’t give a fuck about nothing … when it comes to my wife and my family, I don’t play no games.’

Tyrese continued:

You goofy-a**… No one has disrespected your wife and your family more than you. You know the most dangerous thing about me? I know what I know about the level you took it to. I’ll leave it at that.

He added:

Ponzi scheme, stealing all this money from all of these innocent people — that ain’t got s**t to do with me.

What you did behind her back with the one, with the two, with the 10 — that ain’t got nothing to do with me.

See, you’re a manipulator, you’re a gaslighter, and you’re also one of those great undiscovered actors …

How the f**k are you living a double, triple life, and your wife, who is completely innocent and sweet, had no sign and no indication whatsoever that you was out doing what you was doing?

Listen to Tyrese’s IG Diss Tracks below.

If DJ Envy and Gia Casey had simply kept Tyrese out of their marriage none of us would be privy to this foolishness!

And y’all wonder why Samantha Lee left…

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