Zelie Timothy took to the streets of Instagram to publicly profess her love for Tyrese and to apologize to him. 

You may recall that two weeks ago the “Sweet Lady” singer and actor announced his split from Zelie with a series of bizarre tweets where he called her a “snake” and a “master manipulator.”

He also stated that she wasn’t ready for marriage and he asked God to release him from “this strong devilish allure the sexual seduction of a masterful manipulator who knows how to convince everyone that she’s not mean or there to kill you.” 

Well, it appears, that Zelie is now ready to “throw in the tile” and beg for her man on social media. 

She began her open letter by writing, “@Tyrese when we first got together we promised each other that we would let nothing get in the way of our love. Not ex’s or social media. Yet, WE’VE been getting in the way of our love.” 

“I will not get into anything bout what you’ve done and said. I can only speak for myself,” she wrote. “The things I’ve done have made you so mad you chose to break that promise. Whether I’m right or wrong. I’m sorry.”

Zelie continued, “All I have ever wanted for us was to be happy. Going through your divorce, your mother’s passing, your sister, and now your father with you has been hell, and being your way of escape has been beautiful but there were times that I let my stubbornness get in the way of what we were building.”

“Times where I’ve done things and said things you didn’t like. With this being my first serious relationship, I thought it would be easy to move on,” she admitted. “Yet, with you not being with me, I have realized that the absence of my person is even worse than that.”

“After all this, you’ve made me know that hell is just earth without you. I’ve loved you with everything I have since the day we met.” 

Zelie Timothy revealed therapy is now part of the equation and Lord knows Tyrese needs it. 

“I hope going to these therapy sessions will help us both learn about each other deeper,” Zelie wrote. “I want you to know how much I miss you and what you mean to me. I love you.”

See Zelie’s open letter to Tyrese below.

zelie timothy apology to tyrese

Now. Mr. Gibson was back online posting more bizarre content and at some point he seemingly responded to Zelie’s now-deleted apology.

He channeled his inner Kim Burrell and gave the people who criticize his mess a message.

The singer wrote:

You don’t post everything about your life and struggles and day to day challenges!! Congratulations and cheers to you!!”

You and me BOTH KNOW…. You are living in a sh*t show everyday too….. [ or maybe not, I guess I shouldn’t assume]

You don’t post about it… God bless you saints…. Lol

But we all know you are living it in some capacity too…

We don’t know about it and that’s fine saints….

Me and my girl done jumped out there and broke up and announced it on social media……. One min we on… The next we’re off…. We might end up on an island next week and be back….. I’m gonna post that too…. Not to worry….

You feel a way?

But yet you are still locked in on the front row stalking and fully locked in on the front row to watch the SH*T SHOW!!!

One day soon in another level of being more secure and comfortable in my own skin I will get away from feeling the need to defend myself publicly…..

But for now you come at me….

I want all the smoke….

I don’t bother NOBODY but I am far from a joke or a pushover and I refuse to let anyone on any level throw dirt on my name and I just sit there and take it….

Playing victim is not my game….

And I’m not gonna let you play victim either…..

It’s people like me who get hurt the most because I love and I love and I give and I give from from heart everyday…..

Gods favor allows for my life and career to keep going UP and UP and UP…..

You don’t ever have to go anywhere to seek and find the truth about me…. I’m an open book…. So much of an open book I will throw myself under the bus when I do and say some dumb sh*t….. I don’t need your help or your narrative I promise I got it…. 

See his original post below. 

Tyrese says he “got it”…but does he really?!

Take a scroll past his Instagram page and I’m sure it will prompt you to say a prayer for him.

I’m definitely going to hit Jesus’ hotline for Zelie Timothy because I’m not sure if she knows what she’s gotten herself into. 

Either way…I wish them well.