Columbus Short - Stephen tWitch Boss

Columbus Short is getting dragged in the streets of Twitter after he shared his theory on the tragic passing of Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Columbus took to social media and publicly suggested that tWitch may have taken his own life as a result of losing his life savings in a bad investment.

The True To The Game actor went on to call out someone by name who he claims has stolen his money.

I won’t post the video on the site out of respect for the Boss family. But, you can view the video here.

Social media is reacting to Columbus Short’s theory and while some have joined in on the speculation others were not happy about him spreading unconfirmed rumors during such a painful and sensitive time.

Whether Columbus Short is speaking facts or simply spreading rumors it is not helping the family get through this extremely difficult time.

Some things are better left unsaid especially when people are hurting.

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  1. In response to the comments made by (Monique) @Mo_ashleigh; No life insurance will not set the family straight. Life insurance DOES NOT pay out claims on self inflicted or self induced suicide of the policy holder. That has been the stipulation on most ALL life insurance policies as long as life insurance has been sold. Maybe years n years ago they might of paid out the benefits to the spouse, family or beneficiary but that has since changed some 30-40 yrs ago. I could be wrong but I seriously doubt it. The entire event is tragic enough for the family and to speculate without knowing any facts or the financial stability of Stephen “Twitch” Boss and family is just wrong. Something just doesn’t add up about this so-called suicide. Twitch seemed to be full of life as stated by his wife, so why would he take his own life and throw away seeing his children grow up and growing old with his wife, all because he lost all of his savings. Money is only money. He would of had other opportunities or ventures to recoup those losses over time. To throw in the towel or think because of one bad financial decision gives just cause for a young 40 yr old man with a bright future ahead of him to take one’s life is beyond belief. I do believe that we haven’t heard it all yet and whether it comes out or not, I feel his wife definitely knows more than she’s saying. Now is it any of our business to know why. Absolutely not. But her actions speak loudly and her going to the PD and reporting him as missing the following morning leaves many if us to ponder. Did she attempt to locate him the previous day or night. When did she realize he wasn’t at home and did she make repeated calls to his cell phone or calls to his family about his whereabouts. Did she call the police on the eve of this fateful day and did they tell her she would need to wait til morning or 24/48hrs before reporting him missing. So many questions. Has he left the house on previous incidents and went and stayed at any motels when he was having insecure thoughts. Was this the norm so no calls to his phone or family were made and he always returned home the following morning. What gives here. Again who are we to question, accuse, or even speculate on something or someone who is not immediate family to us. Leave that for those, ( Police, Investigators, Detectives etc.), who are paid to find those things out. At the end of the day if they feel we deserve to know their findings they will share it with the public. I will say that once I heard Twitch took his own life I too said ” there’s just no way he would take his own life”. He was too much of a father. That’s how he came across with his children, to me anyway. I can’t speak on how he was as a husband but they at least looked happy. Suicide would be a selfish way to go out. The pain that is left behind after, for the children and family is unthinkable. It is never the answer. The what ifs are too many to comprehend. And to think if his wife or any one of his friends knew his thinking of late or irrational thoughts and they sat back and said nothing, then they have the rest of their lives to live with why didn’t I take him to get help. That would be heavy burden for one to carry for the rest of their lives. Is it their fault. Absolutely not. But it leaves one to question if that person really truly cared for the person or was their relationship an absolute lie. The subject of mental health is always left to contemplate over. Was he suffering lately but kept it hidden away from everyone, possibly. Did he make some bad financial decisions and was too ashamed to have to live with that, or thought the decisions might be reason enough for his wife to leave and divorce him and that was too much for him to fathom. Hard to say. Nobody can speak for how another feels and conducts themselves, but there is help out there for those who need it. Getting them to realize this is another thing. We should never try to be a therapist to someone who needs help. Leave that for those qualified. But never “do nothing” to help a person who is in need of help. Call their family, call a medical professional, call the police and tell them what you know or see that the person is struggling with. The police know who to contact and will take the person for observation or evaluation by a qualified medical professional. I just pray that we don’t hear later that someone knew Twitch needed help and did nothing to help save him from his own demons. Rest in paradise young man. You left this earth much too young. May God comfort you now and forever.

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