Milwaukee Bucks Fan Speaks Out After Draymond Green Gets Him Kicked Out Of The Arena

Draymond Green had Milwaukee Bucks fan Mike Shane kicked out of the arena Tuesday night (December 13) for allegedly threatening his life, but Mike is telling a different story.

Mike has been very vocal on his Instagram page, claiming that he did not threaten Draymond’s life.

He said he told his friend he was going to say something to Draymond while the Bucks were at the free-throw line, and he yelled to Draymond, “We giving you a pass.”

Mike says he was speaking up for the city and trying to let Draymond know that he was forgiven by the city of Milwaukee for punching teammate Jordan Poole, who is from Milwaukee.

The video of Draymond punching Poole at practice went viral during the NBA preseason.

Mike Shane took to his Instagram to address the issue and promote his interview on the “KJLIVE” podcast.

Watch the clip from the “KJLIVE” podcast below:

Listen to Draymond’s side of the story below:

Watch the footage below of the exchange between Draymond and Mike:

Mike said that the NBA handled things great once they got him in the back. He said they offered him a full refund for his tickets and courtside seats for future games.

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