Ryan Henry & Van Johnson Surprise Don Brumfield Jr. On His Birthday

Ryan Henry and Van Johnson have put their issues behind them, and they recently decided to surprise Don Brumfield Jr. on his birthday.

Don has been trying to rebuild Ryan and Van’s relationship during this season of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.”

He even invited Van to the shop to confront Ryan to find out where things went wrong with their relationship.

Don knows how close Ryan and Van use to be, and he wanted them to talk because he felt the love they had for one another was worth fighting for.

During Van’s surprise pop-up in the shop, Ryan told Van that the real issue he has with him is that he left him with a $500k lawsuit, acted like he didn’t know anything about it, and went and opened up Black Ink Houston with Ceaser Emanuel, the CEO of the Black Ink brand.

Van said he didn’t know about the lawsuit, and he apologized to Ryan, and wished him well.

Ryan wasn’t feeling the apology.

Watch the video clip from “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” of Van confronting Ryan below:

Watch the clip from “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” of Ryan reading the lawsuit documentation below:

Ryan posted on his Instagram that he and Van have come to a place of understanding after two days of conversations, and they were able to surprise Don for his birthday last night.

Past two days, Conversations lead to straightening… was able to pull up on @bishop__don with a surprise for his bday last night. Me and @vanjohnsonofficial comin to support him together. Ain’t on the fence about nothing… moving forward ?? #9MAG #NMOL #SYC

Ryan shared some pictures and videos of him and Van surprising Don, and Van was definitely “feeling good.”

See Ryan’s original IG post below:

Van also posted a picture from Don’s birthday surprise along with a caption letting Ryan know that he missed him too.

See Van’s original IG post below:

That was an awesome surprise from Ryan Henry and Van Johnson.

Happy Birthday, Don Brumfield Jr., and may you be blessed with many more.

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