Twitter Calls For ESPN To Get Rid Of Malika Andrews & Bring Back Rachel Nichols

Twitter is calling for ESPN to get rid of Malika Andrews and rehire Rachel Nichols after she recently failed to support the opinions of some Black male colleagues while covering some hot topics.

Malika recently got into it live on the air with Kendrick Perkins and Stephen A. Smith over the Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka‘s consensual affair.

Some tweeters posted video clips of Malika unnecessarily bringing up negative allegations against some Black male sports figures while reporting on them.

Rachel Nichols was the original host of ESPN’s “The Jump” before it was renamed “NBA Today” for Malika.

“The Jump” was canceled, and Rachel Nichols was removed from all NBA programming after she was recorded on a private call, in 2020, referring to former colleague Maria Taylor, who is a Black woman, as a diversity hire, after being told that Maria would cover the 2020 NBA Finals instead of her.

Maria Taylor left ESPN shortly after the incident, and she is now flourishing at NBC Sports.

Twitter must’ve forgotten that Rachel referring to Maria as a diversity hire slights her professional talents and implies that she was promoted simply because she is a Black woman.

The Twitterverse is a strange place.

Scoop some Malika Andrews slander tweets below:

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  1. I know some time has pasted but I still feel the same. ESPN needs to look into moving Malika. I stopped watching because I don’t want to hear or see her. If I do watch it feels like sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. At 1st sight it’s discuss, then looking for a way out and when you’re out of it sigh of relief.

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