It’s official, ladies and gents – Stephen A. Smith announced Shannon Sharpe will be joining ESPN’s “First Take!” 

The NFL Hall of Famer will make his “First Take” debut on Monday, September 4, and join the show every Monday and Tuesday going forward. 

Stephan A. Smith Welcomes Shannon Sharpe To ‘First Take’

After announcing Shannon will be joining the show, Stephen A. Smith said:

In advance, to my brother, Shannon Sharpe, first of all, thank you for joining the show.

Secondly, condolences in advance.

You’re not used to getting beat down. He’s the modern-day Black Hulk. He’s not used to getting beat down.

Watch the clip below. 

Shannon Sharpe took to his own Twitter (X) timeline to confirm he will be joining “First Take,” and warned viewers to “GET YOUR POPCORN READY 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #2HBCUALUMS #SSU #WSSU”

Unc also took a moment to address the concerns and criticisms from a couple of folks who are skeptical about him coming to “First Take.”

One person tweeted, “Hope Shannon brings back some legitimacy and doesn’t buy into saying things for hot takes like damn near everybody else on the show.”

Shannon responded, “I believe I can be entertaining while giving facts and being truthful. Gr8 comedians can take things that are true and make them funny.”

Another person tweeted, “You sold your soul Unc, we’ve seen the narrative changes over years! Ima start calling you gunna aka “mr. yes sir” 😂

Unc didn’t hesitate to let him know, “It’s not what you call me that matters. It’s what I answer 2.”

Club Shay Shay 

In addition to the exciting “First Take” news, Shannon Sharpe announced a new deal on Wednesday in regards to his popular podcast, “Club Shay Shay.”

He tweeted, “Great News! @ClubShayShay will be Partnering w/ @TheVolumeSports and @ColinCowherd to bring to you even more exciting episodes and a broader expansion of talent! You do not want to miss this 🎥🎙️🎧”

See the original tweet below.

Congratulations to Shannon Sharpe on all of the amazing things happening in his life! 

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