Ts Madison Speaks Out After Not Being Credited With Lee Daniels & Mo'Nique Reconciliation

Ts Madison took to social media to set the record straight after she wasn’t credited for facilitating the reconciliation between Lee Daniels and Mo’Nique.

The Precious director and the legendary comedian and Oscar-winning actress have had a 13-year feud that came to an end on Friday when Lee publicly apologized to Mo’Nique during her comedy show in Staten Island.

Many people, ourselves included, highlighted how 50 Cent boldly supported Mo’Nique and announced he was going to make it his business to put her back on after she had been blackballed for years.

Ts Madison interviewed Mo’Nique on her Fox Soul show, “Turnt Out,” last month and reignited the conversation around her being blackballed and her ongoing feuds with Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels.

What many people didn’t know was that Ts also interviewed Lee Daniels in a forthcoming episode of her show and she pushed for him to reconcile with Mo’Nique.

She is now speaking out to set the record straight and receive the credit she deserves.

Ts tweeted:

It was MOST DEFINITELY this upcoming interview on @turntoutwithts on @foxsoultv with my good friend @leedanielsent that most DEFINITELY shifted the atmosphere with @moworldwide
TRUST ME……. ????????
I’m sooooo happy that 13 years have been fully mended

She also added:

YALL WAS AITE WHEN PEOPLE WAS SAYIN 50cent Made this and That happen But the Tone changed soon as I stated that no moves was made till AFTER that women sat Down with Me and then I showed where I sat down With Lee in a upcoming interview and now it’s….. SO WHAT? Chile…….

See her original tweets below.

Kudos to Ts Madison for building a bridge over troubled waters.

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