Jerrod Carmichael hosts SNL opening monologue
Will Heath/NBC

Jerrod Carmichael made his “Saturday Night Live” debut as host and his opening monologue was nothing short of brilliant.

The first words out of his mouth were:

I’m not gonna talk about it.

During his 6-minute monologue, Jerrod explained why he didn’t want to talk about it without mentioning the words: Will Smith, Chris Rock, slap, or Oscars.

The comedian and actor even shared how Lorne Michaels told him he wanted him to talk about it “because the nation needs to heal.”

Jerrod Carmichael said:

I said, ‘The nation needs to what? And you want me to do that?’

The nation doesn’t even know me. The nation has no clue who I am.

I have to be the least famous host in ‘SNL’ history. 

The least. 

From there, he pivots into talking about his new HBO comedy special, “Rothaniel,” and how he came out as gay.

He noted that he couldn’t even heal his family and homophobic cousins, so how is he expected to heal the nation.

Lastly, Jerrod Carmichael delivered a quick message for Barack Obama.

Watch the monologue below.

Read a few Twitter reactions to Jerrod’s opening monologue on “SNL” below.

Between his amazing HBO special “Rothaniel,” and killing it on “SNL,” Jerrod Carmichael won this week!


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