Lee Daniels publicly apologized to Mo’Nique and it was absolutely precious.

The reconciliation came on Friday night (April 1) after the news of Mo’Nique being cast in Lee’s forthcoming Netflix thriller, Demon House, set the internet ablaze.

Lee Daniels came out on stage during the “Mo’Nique and Friends: April Fools Day with The Queen of Comedy” event at St. George Theatre on Staten Island and the two of them shared an emotional embrace.

Mo’Nique looked Lee in the eyes and said:

You and I, along with some other amazing people, made magic. 

And I don’t ever want us to lose that magic again.

He said to Mo’Nique: 

Sometimes in life you get caught up. 

When you’re a n***a and you come from nothing, you get blinded by some sh*t.

And it took me a long time to realize…I am so sorry for hurting you in any way that I did.

Y’all, and she was my best friend — my best friend. 

Y’all think that Precious was just … That was God working, through both of us.

And we gone f**king do it again!

You may recall, in 2015, Mo’Nique told The Hollywood Reporter it was Lee Daniels who informed her she had been blackballed because she “didn’t play the game.” 

I got a phone call from Lee Daniels maybe six or seven months ago.

And he said to me, ‘Mo’Nique, you’ve been blackballed.’ And I said, ‘I’ve been blackballed? Why have I been blackballed?’ 

And he said, ‘Because you didn’t play the game.’ And I said, ‘Well, what game is that?’ 

And he gave me no response.

Watch the reconciliation below. 

After the show, Lee posted photos of him and Mo’Niqe and wrote, “No caption needed.”

Look at the results of 50 Cent advocating for Mo

I’m happy for her.

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