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Traci Braxton: Sisters Believe Her Husband & Team Are ‘Exploiting Her Death’

Kevin Surratt Sr. Releases Statement On The Passing Of His Wife Traci Braxton (1)

I am very disheartened to learn the Braxton sisters believe the husband and management team of their late sister, Traci Braxton, are “exploiting” death. 

Traci passed away two weeks ago after a private year-long battle with esophageal cancer. 

According to a source, her husband, Kevin Surratt, Sr., and her management have planned a funeral service and a viewing with Zoom links against her final wishes.

Traci did not want a funeral or wake. She did not want people looking all over her body. She specifically requested to be immediately cremated.

There was a Zoom meeting that made it clear about what she wanted, and now her husband is trying to cash in on her name.

A Source

Kevin held a viewing for Traci last week and her sisters, Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Trina Braxton, Towanda Braxton, and their mother, Evelyn Braxton, did not attend. 

Traci’s father, Michael Braxton, did show up, but Page Six reports he was initially turned away at the door because he wasn’t “on the list.” 

He was so upset that he wasn’t on the list. Someone from the church recognized him and let him in and he had to sit in the fourth row.

A Source

Mr. Braxton wasn’t even allowed “to speak or say any words about his daughter,” the insider said.

Kevin Surratt Sr. told Page Six that information isn’t true. 

My father-in-law and brother-in-law came in briefly.

He also added that the sisters were in but “they didn’t show up.”

The insider told Page Six:

Traci’s husband was planning her funeral months before she died. She did not know that, but he was talking to other people about it.

Kevin insists that he honored Traci’s final wishes and that “she explained everything to the funeral home” before she passed.

I was with my wife… more than anybody in this world. 

I know my wife, and when she got cancer, we really started to communicate about funeral plans and I was still trying to find treatments for her. 

I went to every single one of her doctor appointments throughout our entire marriage. 

That’s how we were, and now they’re treating me like a [deadbeat] husband.

He added:

Traci wanted a viewing and one memorial service in conjunction with her management, PR and other members to come together and celebrate her.

On Thursday, Traci’s manager, Cliff Jones, is further “disrespecting the family” by holding an actual funeral service where a barcode is required for entry.

Jones reached out to gospel stars Kim Burrell and Bryon Cage to perform at the service, but “they pulled out once they realized the sisters weren’t involved.”

A source, who told Page Six Traci Braxton has since been cremated, said: 

Nobody ever called to ask the family anything. No one called her mom, her father, her sisters to say, ‘What do you guys think – of anything.’

The Braxton family is planning to hold their own private memorial “the way Traci requested” on April 2, which would have been her 51st birthday. 

Toni Braxton appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show” to promote her forthcoming Lifetime film, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For.

She did confirm they plan to do something special. 

Her birthday is coming up soon — on the second — and my sisters and I are going to celebrate and have a big Traci day… 

So, I’m excited about that.

Watch Toni’s interview below. 

Kevin Surratt said: 

I was never invited… No one has sent me any type of invitation.

He insisted: 

None of it is true. I was meeting her wishes.

Traci made our son the executor of her estate because she knew [her family] wouldn’t come after him.

They’d come after me.

Kevin also added that Traci Braxton wouldn’t like the discord in the family. 

She wouldn’t like it. She fought til the end.

I’m just praying that it gets right.

My sincerest condolences and prayers to Traci’s entire family during this extremely difficult time.

Source: Page Six

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