Jeannie Mai Returns To ‘The Real’ After Giving Birth

Jeannie Mai Returns To ‘The Real’ After The Birth Of Her Daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins

Jeannie Mai returned to “The Real” on Tuesday (March 29) after giving birth to her and her husband Jeezy’s daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins.

Jeannie told her co-host that she missed them while she was on maternity leave and it was so “nice to be back making some shmoney.”

Three months into motherhood, Jeannie said she feels alive and all the cliche things about being a mother came true for her, and she feels it and understands it.

Jeannie and rapper Jeezy got married in 2021, and Monaco is their first child together.

She is Jeannie’s firstborn, and Jeezy’s fourth child.

When Jeannie announced her pregnancy social media was quick to remind her that she previously said on “The Real” that she didn’t want kids.

And rumors circulated on Twitter that she divorced her first husband because he wanted kids and she didn’t.

All that is in the past because she is clearly glowing with excitement and happy to be a mother.

Watch the video below:

Welcome back Jeannie Mai!

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