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Snowfall” has come to an end and I am not okay. The series finale aired on Wednesday night leaving fans of the riveting show, from the late John Singleton, heartbroken and in disbelief at how it all ended for Franklin Saint.

In the series finale, titled, “The Struggle,” Cissy Saint is locked up in prison for murdering Teddy McDonald.

Leon and Wanda make it back to Ghana, and Oso is alright.

Veronique takes what’s left of Franklin’s money and bounces to “break the cycle” and build a new life for her and their son.

Aunt Louie is on the run from the DEA.

And Franklin Saint…well, his addiction to power and money left him alone, broken, an alcoholic, and destitute.

He ultimately became his father, Alton.

Damson Idris Deserves All The Good Things

Damson Idris deserves a standing ovation and all of the awards for his portrayal of Franklin Saint in “Snowfall.”

Amin Joseph, who starred in the series as “Jerome Saint,” took to social media writing:

No one has portrayed a coming-of-age story on television as brilliantly as Damson Idris.

30 years from now when some extremely gifted kid repeats this feat, it will remind us of Damson’s inspiring performance and the secrets to his success. #SnowfallFX

Damson opened up about the challenge of Franklin’s downfall. 

His final moments were incredibly challenging.

There was a fatherhood connection there, which I connected to personally so it was deeply emotional for me.

Franklin’s connection to his father and his becoming an alcoholic was incredibly difficult. Behind the scenes, I had a little flask with me that no one knew about.

I would touch it with my lips just to have the taste.

I’ll also admit that I didn’t shower.

Luckily I wasn’t disrupting anyone with any odors.

Why Wasn’t Franklin Saint Killed In The ‘Snowfall’ Finale?

“Snowfall” co-creator Dave Andron explained why they decided not to kill Franklin Saint in the series finale.

It’s funny because when we talked about whether should Franklin die, there was a contingent of people who felt that that was an easy way out.

That him dying means he doesn’t have to face the damage he’s done. He destroyed this neighborhood and did unreal damage to his community.

They really needed a helping hand and what they got was another plague.

I think in those terms, the dramatic irony of him having no place to live except for Cissy’s house where he will constantly be faced with what he has wrought felt like a certain kind of hell.

Now he has to be on the street with these junkies who he in some way is responsible for.

The dramatic irony of that felt right to us.

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