Gail Bean- Wanda - Isaiah John - Leon - Snowfall Spinoff

Now that “Snowfall” is officially done, fans of the show are anxiously awaiting the potential spinoff that’s in the works.

Information about the spinoff is limited because it’s still in the early stages of development, but I’ve gathered some intel and I’m excited to share five things we know so far!

Get the scoop below.

Gail Bean Is Set To Star In The ‘Snowfall’ Spinoff

Gail Bean is a beautiful and incredibly talented actress hailing from Stone Mountain, Georgia.

She’s starred in numerous TV and film projects including Unexpected, “Paradise Lost,” and “Games People Play.” 

But, Gail is most known for her roles as Roulette on “P-Valley” and Wanda on “Snowfall.” 

Wanda is Leon’s childhood sweetheart who overcomes a crippling crack addiction and later becomes his wife.

In the “Snowfall” series finale, Leon and Wanda go back to Ghana, but they “yo-yo” back to South Central to begin the next chapter of their lives.

What Is The ‘Snowfall’ Spinoff About?

The spinoff will be a continuation of the original story set in the 1990s as South Central transitions out of the crack era into the gangter rap business.

In the series finale, Leon tells Franklin that Wanda is interested in producing music.

Snowfall” co-creator Dave Andron confirmed that the potential spinoff will be centered around Wanda and the explosion of West Coast hip hop. 

She came back from Africa at the very end, and even though we don’t see her we hear about her from Leon, she’s back and she’s got a dream.

She’s gonna have a whole life and she’s found something she’s passionate about, something she wants to be a part of.

This for me goes back to the Wanda whom we first met. If that creativity and heart go into music, I feel like she might actually be able to carve something out.

And you know, West Coast hip hop is about to explode.

So telling the story of what’s been going on in South Central in the way that Singleton told it with Boyz N The Hood

Will Leon Be A Part Of The Spinoff?

At this time, Gail Bean is the only “Snowfall” cast member confirmed for the spinoff.

However, her character, Wanda, is married to Leon, played by Isaiah John, so it only makes sense that he’s a part of it unless there is a change in their marital status.

During a recent interview with Hot 97, Isaiah said, “Oh, it was never a Wanda and Leon spin-off, it’s a Wanda spin-off.”

Gail quickly responded, “Cap.”

Watch the interview below.

What Stage Is The Spinoff In?

The potential spinoff is still in early development and in the process of being written.

The news of the “Snowfall” spinoff leaked prior to the airing of Episode 8, which sort of hinted at the fate and future of Wanda and Leon. 

Dave was disappointed in the leak.

He told TV Line, “The news of it leaked, unfortunately. That was not the way in which we’d intended for that to go out into the world.”

Malcolm Spellman Will Write The ‘Snowfall’ Spinoff

According to “Snowfall” co-creator Dave Andron, Malcolm Spellman has been tapped to write the highly anticipated spinoff. 

Let me begin by saying you have to put some respect on Malcolm’s pen!

He has written and produced wildly popular shows like “Truth Be Told,” “Empire,” “Bel-Air,” and Marvel’s “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” 

Malcolm Spellman is also set to write the script for Captain America: New World Order

Dave told TV Line:

I think he’s got a great story and he’s working on it.

If everything lines up again, I’ll help him in whatever capacity I can be helpful.

But I’m going to hand the reins off to Malcolm.

I will be sure to update this post as more information becomes available.

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