Too Short & Shannon Sharpe Revealed That They Moved To Atlanta Because Of Freaknik

Too Short and Shannon Sharpe revealed on a recent episode of the “Club Shay Shay” podcast that they both moved to Atlanta because of Freaknik.

Too short said he lived in Atlanta from 1993 to 2008, and he described Freaknik ’93 as “life-changing”.

He said he heard about the Freaknik picnic in ’91 and Freaknik ’92 selling Piedmont Park out, so he came to Freaknik in April ’93.

When I got to ATL it was ’93.

I went to the Freaknik… April ’93.

I heard about the Freaknik… That Freaknik happened in ’91 it was a picnic.

It happened in ’92, Piedmont Park, it sold the whole park out, and it was like man this Freaknik,

I heard about it!

So me and a whole bunch of people heard about it.

Freaknik probably went from 20,000 people to 400,000 in a year.

Shannon then chimed in and said he was there, and he moved to Atlanta because of Freaknik.

Too short responded, “That’s my story.”

Watch the video below:

Have you ever attended Freaknik?

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