Dame Dash took partial credit for Kanye West’s success on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, even though he admitted that he never expected Kanye to become what he became.

I didn’t expect it. 

I expected other people that were in my crew to be Kanye.

I expected someone to do those things, but I didn’t know it would be him.

But the reason why it was him is because he is the one that had the most respect for me. 

He is the only one that listened, completely… and still does on a certain level.

Did anyone else catch the sly jab at Jay-Z?

Watch the video below:

Thanks to the brilliant footage captured by Coodie, Kanye’s videographer in the Netflix three-part documentary series Jeen-Yuhs, we are able to see how Dame Dash, Jay-Z, and Scarface really didn’t take Kanye seriously as a rapper at first.

Watch the Jeen-Yus trailer below:

To those familiar with Dame Dash, him taking credit for Kanye’s success may not come as a surprise, but Kanye somewhat validated what Dame said on “Drink Champs.”

Watch the video below:

Kanye said, “Dame Dash the visionary.”