On “The Late Late Show with James CordenSandra Bullock and Channing Tatum revealed that they first met in a preschool principal’s office because their strong-willed little girls kept butting heads.

They said they both got called into the office together because the school administrators wanted to know how they could resolve the girls’ issues together.

The school challenged the girls to a competition to see who could be the nicest to each other. 

Apparently, it worked because Sandra said they started bringing each other little dixie cups of water.

Channing’s daughter Everly is now 8-years-old.

And, Sandra Bullock’s daughter Laila is now 10-years-old.

Watch the video below:

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum were on the show to promote their movie The Lost City which comes out in theaters on Friday (March 25).

I wonder how the girls get along now…