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Tina Knowles took to the streets of Instagram to clear the air after she was called out for liking a shady post about Janet Jackson

Fan Slams Janet Jackson Over Together Again Tour 2024 Ticket Prices

Janet recently announced her Together Again Summer 2024 Tour with Nelly as her special guest. 

A fan took issue with the prices of Janet Jackson’s tickets and took to social media writing: 

What a joke… they add $1000 for a 15-second meet & greet again.

No front row for fans unless you want to bend over so they can continue to rake in the cash.

You want Beyoncé prices, have real production. Just disgusted.

I’m not the only one… oh the DMs I’m getting.

Way to thank your fans for years of support. 

It didn’t take long before folks began to notice that Tina Knowles liked the post advising Janet to get “real production” like Beyoncé.

Tina Knowles Addresses Liking Shady Janet Jackson Post

Tina Knowles took to Instagram to clear the air after she began to trend on social media.

In a video, Beyoncé’s mother said she would “never criticize another artist let alone Janet Jackson who is the queen of production.” 

Tina also noted that she stays away from negativity and mess, but she did take accountability for liking posts while rushing through her social media timeline without thoroughly reading the content because she “trusts the people that she follows.” 

That was a big mistake…I will never do that again,” she said. 

In the caption of the video, Tina Knowles wrote:

I am saddened by this. Janet Jackson is an icon and I would never question another artist.

I took Destiny’s Child to see Janet when they were 15 years old.

They always looked up to her and she opened doors for Beyonce.

Why would I hate on her?

I know now not to be in a rush and to be very careful. (I learned my lesson)!

Especially when I have so much going on.

I just wanted to clarify.

I do know that you can see people’s likes so I would be pretty dumb to do that. ❤️❤️

See her original post below. 

Accidentally Liking Posts

Now, I’m not one to dig into the crates of Black History, but this isn’t the first time Mama Tina has been called out for liking shady posts. 

A few years ago, Tina Knowles liked a comment that said Jennifer Hudson sounded horrible while performing alongside Beyoncé at the Oscars. 

Tina wrote a lengthy explanation apologizing to Jennifer and said she “accidentally touched” the Like button on the comment. 

I think if you look through my Instagram you’ll see that I am not a hater and I am not negative about people so to Jennifer for my mistake of accidentally touching it which I don’t remember doing I really apologize.

I totally love and Admire you and I’d have to be pretty stupid to do that knowing it would be everywhere, but I will be taking a break from social media as this is the bad side of it. 

See her original post below.

Gotsta be more careful, Mama Tina.

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