Sarunas Jackson (YouTube), Keke Palmer (Instagram)

Sarunas Jackson is headed to court after a judge denied the “Insecure” actor’s request for a temporary restraining order against Keke Palmer.

In a previous post, I reported Sarunas sought a restraining order against Keke and her mother Sharon Palmer as a means to protect himself and his family.

He is accusing the actress and “motha” of harassment, stalking him and his friends, and using her celebrity to make false allegations about him that is ultimately hurting his reputation and career.

In his court filing for the restraining order, Sarunas Jackson said he had no idea why Keke was targeting him.

It is unclear where Respondent’s allegations of emotional volatility and intimidation are coming from.

My family and I have always welcomed Respondent with open arms, inviting her to family events and showing her love and support in more ways than one.

In return, Respondent has defamed my character to others, making them believe I am an absent father.

Unfortunately, for Sarunas, the court isn’t buying what he’s selling.

The court called “cap” and decided that the temporary restraining order should not be granted until a court hearing on February 7, 2024. 

Court documents state there was “insufficient evidence that great irreparable harm would result” if the order was not issued.

Meanwhile, Keke Palmer is having a blast on the set of her forthcoming film, Good Fortune.

She shared a cute selfie with Aziz Ansari and Keanu Reeves and another pic with Seth Rogan (swipe embed). 

In the words of JAY-Z, “No one wins when the family feuds.”

Hopefully, all parties will be able to come together for the love of Leodis.

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