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Trina Says Beyoncé Is The No. 1 Female Rapper ‘When She Does Rap’ 

Trina Says Beyoncé Is The No. 1 Female Rapper
Trina via Instagram

Trina is trending in the streets of Twitter after she said Beyoncé is the no. 1 female rapper.

During an interview at One Music Fest in Atlanta, the Miami rapper, whose real name is Katrina Taylor, said when Beyoncé does rap “there’s no sleeping on the Queen.” 

Trina added, “When you hear her do a song and there’s rapping involved it’s like, ‘Oh my God.’ It’s more inspiration.”

Watch the clip below. 

While some agree with Trina’s hot take it has also ruffled the feathers of the fanbases of other women in Hip Hop.

The Barbz are out for blood because they feel like Trina touted Beyoncé as the no. 1 female rapper to intentionally slight Nicki Minaj.

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Read a few Twitter reactions below. 

Trina took to her Instagram Story with a quick message:


Do you agree with Trina’s take on Beyoncé being the no. 1 female rapper when she gets in her bag?

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