Minnesota Timberwolves baller Anthony Edwards via Instagram

Whew! Minnesota Timberwolves baller Anthony Edwards issued a statement on Monday after an Instagram model named Dream Paige released text message screenshots of him urging her to get an abortion. She also posted a screenshot of an alleged wire transfer of $100,000.

The 22-year-old NBA baller, nicknamed “Ant-Man” didn’t deny the validity of the text messages, he simply took accountability for making “comments in the heat of a moment that are not me, and that are not aligned with what I believe and who I want to be as a man.”

Anthony Edwards added, “All women should be supported and empowered to make their own decisions about their bodies and what is best for them.”

“I am handling my personal matters privately and will not be commenting on them any further at this time,” Edwards wrote. 

In the text exchange, Dream Paige sends Anthony a photo of her holding a positive Clearblue pregnancy test.

He responded, “Hell Nawl can’t do dis…Get an abortion lol.”

Dream texts, “Honestly, I had an abortion with my son around 2 years ago and I regret it everyday.” 

Anthony Edwards was not trying to hear it. 

He responded, “Man you can’t force a kid in da world. You don’t know what it is yet.”

Ant-Man also texts, “I will send you money to help you out. I don’t want kids. Let’s handle this like grown ups.” 

According to the text message screenshots, Anthony sent money to Dream Paige, a $100,000 wire transfer on November 27, 2023, for her to terminate her pregnancy. 

He then texted, “You got da money wats the hol up?”

Anthony-Edwards-text-messages-Dream-Paige (1)

Ant-Man also requested she send him a video of the abortion pill box and noted, “Just making sure.” 

Anthony Edwards and girlfriend Jeanine Robel via Instagram

To add insult to injury Anthony Edwards is in a relationship with Jeanine Robel, who is currently pregnant with the NBA baller’s child. 

Robel is already a proud mommy to her son whom she shares with rapper Chief Keef.

Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch said the organization would be discussing the matter with Edwards:

We will be having ongoing conversations about such things. I think it’s important to state that it’s not reflective of our organization, our values, for sure.

And as a young man, it’s clear that the education and maturity of Anthony Edwards continues to be a work in progress. Beyond that, it’s a personal matter for him and any conversations that we have will remain private.

Anthony has been trending on Twitter all day as the public reacts to his tomfoolery. 

Read a few tweets below. 

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