Minnesota Point Guard Mike Conley Shares His Mother-In-Law Confession On Instagram, ‘Me vs Beth’

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Mike Conley, who considers himself a conditioned athlete, sadly revealed that his mother-in-law Beth beat him in a swimming race.

My, uh, mother-in-law, a couple of weeks ago, challenged me to a race in our pool.

And I don’t swim like that. I can swim, but I’m not… Never really competed or anything like that.

But she challenged me, and I’m thinking I’m for sure going to win this race.

Like, it’s know question. I still train every day, I’m running, I’m in great shape.

I worked as hard as I could. I’m sweating.

I’m literally, like, tired.

Look up, she’s a whole, like, person ahead of me.  I’m thinking, like, ‘Man this isn’t right.’

So, I lose. Everybody’s laughing, having a good time, like, ‘Oh yeah, she can swim so well.’

And I’m thinking like, ‘There’s no way I lost.’

It’s all fun for everybody, like, it’s just a fun time, right?

Next time I see Beth, it’s on!

And I can’t wait till I get that moment.

Beth, I want you to know that I’m coming for you.

I’ve been working, I’ve been practicing, it won’t happen again. I promise you that.

I’m locked in and it’s a wrap for you, like, you have no chance.

Beth responded:

I heard he’s still a little upset about this because how could I possibly beat an NBA basketball player?

Well, I did!

I won!

Mike Conley captioned his Instagram post:

Good Guys Finish First

Me vs Beth

See Mike Conley’s original IG post below:

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