The Democrats have unveiled a new plan for $1400 stimulus checks, that they project to be sent out around mid-March.

The latest proposal would send $1400 payments to individuals making $50,000 or less and $2800 to married couples making $100,000 or less.

Heads of households making up to $75,000 would also qualify for the $1400 payment.

People making slightly above $75,000 will qualify for a partial payment.

Parents will receive an additional $1400 per child, under the age of 17.

The payments will not be disbursed until after Congress passes its broad relief package, which White House officials said they are determined to pass before mid-March.

Once Congress passes the relief package, payments will be disbursed in a matter of days.

The drawback to the mid-March disbursement timeframe is that the IRS will be in the middle of their tax filing season, which may create some delays with them sending out stimulus checks.

This plan has not been fully released to the public and it could still change, but the Democrats are standing firm on at least $1400 payments.

UPDATE (March 6, 2021):

The Senate has passed the $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan and it is headed back to the House for a final vote before President Joe Biden signs it into law.

Source: The Washington Post