Da Brat was a recent guest on the “Tamron Hall Show,” and the Hip Hop star opened up about why she waited 25 years to come out.

Brat was visibly and admittedly nervous during the interview because she says discussing her personal life is something that she is not used to talking about. 

Tamron stressed there is a difference in maintaining your privacy and hiding a secret. 

That’s when Da Brat opened up about how she would consciously not do anything in public that may bring attention to her sexuality.

You may have seen me out, but I would never put myself in a position to get hurt or be caught. I would never hold hands or do anything improper in public.

So, everything I did personally was private. I made sure of that. I won’t send a naked picture, a naked video, anything because it may possibly get out and I didn’t want to take that chance back then.

Now? Who cares? 

Brat was later joined by her partner, Jessica Dupart, and opened up about why this relationship made her comfortable enough to come out.

The way she would make me feel. She would make me feel so special. So many things that I never paid attention to about myself or maybe that I have never been told.

Her attention to detail…it was just really compelling. I didn’t know what to say. I just felt like this was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.

Watch the interview below:

I’m all about living in your truth – whatever that may be.

Life is short.

I wish them the best.