The LAPD insists that Jaxson Hayes was the aggressor prior to his arrest, and they sent NBA commissioner Adam Silver a four-page letter urging him to investigate the New Orleans Pelicans‘ center.

The letter was also sent to Pelicans owner Gayle Benson.

The problem with the LAPD’s claim is you don’t see Jaxson Hayes being the aggressor in the video. The video starts with an officer holding a taser on Hayes’ chest.

Watch the video below:

According to the LAPD, Hayes refused orders, called officers the N-word, and criminally assaulted an officer during the arrest.

Again, none of that is seen in the video they released.

And, a black man calling a group of primarily White officers the N-word doesn’t hit the same as if the roles were reversed.

The criminal assault claim is from Hayes allegedly pushing an officer into a wall causing injury.

The four page letter was written by the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL).

Read some excerpts from the letter below:

Mr. Silver, the actions of your player were unlawful, completely unacceptable and are as clear a prima facie case of violating several of the National Basketball Association policies as we have seen.

We respectfully request that you immediately initiate a thorough investigation into Mr. Hayes’ actions before, during and after the incident and to take appropriate corrective action to hold Mr. Hayes accountable.

The video is clear. Your swift action in this incident is warranted.

We ask you to investigate Mr. Hayes’ use of the ‘N-word’ during the incident, and based on the obvious evidence, hold him accountable for the blatant violation of the NBA’s values of ‘equality, tolerance, inclusion and respect.

Given the severity of this incident, we sincerely hope you take decisive action in this case.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ