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After months of COVID-related delays, the sex-trafficking trial for R. Kelly has begun in New York. 

The trial, set in Brooklyn is a racketeering case where the singer is accused of running a criminal enterprise in which his managers, security, and other employees helped him recruit women for sex.

R. Kelly has denied any wrongdoing and the defense attorneys have claimed the women who accused the singer of abuse and imprisonment were nothing more than groupies. 

On Monday (August 9), a federal judge will begin questioning potential jurors about whether or not they can be unbiased about the disgraced R&B star considering the widely publicized accusations against him. 

Opening statements in the case are scheduled to begin on August 18. 

Last week, a defense attorney asked that court transcripts be provided for the singer because “His funds are depleted.”

Do you think you could be an unbiased juror on this case? 

Source: Variety

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