Brian McKnight addresses abandoning his biological children

Sometimes it’s best just to be quiet. Brian McKnight took to the streets of Instagram over the weekend to address the trending “false narrative” about him abandoning his eldest children.

The 53-year-old crooner has been getting dragged in the streets of Twitter for days as people criticized the “Crazy Love” singer for seemingly putting his biological children from his previous relationships on the back burner or completely out of mind now that he has a “new family.” 

Brian’s New Family

After Brian McKnight tied the knot with Leilani Mendoza in 2017 and he became a dad to her son, Jack, and her daughter, Julia. 

In January, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight

The “Anytime” singer is also a dad to Brian McKnight Jr. and Niko McKnight from his marriage to Julie McKnight (1990-2003) and daughter Briana McKnight from an affair with Patricia Driver during his marriage to Julie. 

Brian brought attention to himself when celebrated Julie’s birthday via Instagram and wrote: 

Today we celebrate you Jules on your birthday your mom and I couldn’t be prouder of you and I couldn’t ask for a better daughter than you!!!

Happy birthday to the best daughter ever! Love u a zillion.

See Brian’s original Instagram post below.

But, that wasn’t the only time Brian wanted to make it very clear that he’s not beat for Brian Jr., Niko, and Briana.

I previously reported that both Brian Jr. and Briana took to social media in August 2019 to share their grievances about being “abandoned” by their father, but they never called him by name.

Brian clapped back at his children by accusing his son of breaking into his home and destroying his wedding photos and he claimed Briana was carrying on an inappropriate sexual situation with one of her cousins.

Briana McKnight’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Brian McKnight

Briana McKnight

As Twitter pulled Brian McKnight’s Parental CarFax Report, many people learned that Briana McKnight filed a defamation lawsuit against her father in 2020 for the claims he made about her. 

Briana claimed Brian spread a “vicious lie” about her online when he told his followers that she had “engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin” when she was a minor.

During the case, Brian demanded that Briana hand over a list of all of her sexual partners prior to August 15, 2019. 

But, that’s not all…he also demanded she describe the nature of each sexual encounter (e.g. kissing, holding, petting, intercourse).

He also wanted a list of all of her boyfriends along with the details. 

Brian argued the information was relevant to proving he did not defame his daughter. 

In February, Brian and Briana reached a deal to dismiss the lawsuit before the case went to trial. 

For The Record

Over the weekend, Brian McKnight took to Instagram in an effort to prove accusations of him abandoning his children is a “false narrative.”

But, his outdated receipts weren’t giving what he thought they were going to give.

Brian posted a carousel of photos along with the caption, “Not sure how these posts that have been sitting here this whole time were left out of the false narrative that is trending. Abandonment? There’s always more to every story. Stay tuned.”

The Receipts 

A photo of Brian, Niko, and Brian Jr. on his wedding day (2017). Briana was not included.

A photo of Brian McKnight, his sons, and Leilani’s children on his birthday. (2017) Briana was not included.

A photo of Brian McKnight, his sons, and Leilani’s children on his birthday. (2018) Briana was not included.

Oh, but there was also a photo of Leilani, Julie, and Briana from 2015 included in the photo carousel. 

The rest of Brian’s receipts was Instagram captions of his wife, Leilani, gushing about what a wonderful father he is. Ma’am?

See, Brian’s post that he tagged blogs in below.

Now, what are we supposed to stay tuned for? More slander towards his biological children?

Now, Brian is just “Back At One.” He should have just sat there and at his Hawaiian food. 

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