In this week’s episode of “The Chi,” Kiesha has delivered the baby and now she’s trying to get back to some sense of normalcy in her life.

You may recall, the gentleman she works with invited her to have dinner with him. 

Kiesha reaches out to him to take him up on his offer, but she quickly realizes she still has some healing to do. 

The good news is young man understands Kiesha is fragile and lets her know that he is willing to do whatever she “needs to feel safe.” 

Watch the first look clip of episode 6 below. 

Don’t forget we still have to get the scoop on who shot Douda.

Kevin and Jake are beefing over Jemma and Papa is doing his best to play peacemaker. 

Jada is struggling through her cancer battle and Dre being a great friend has put a strain on her marriage. 

Oh, and Da Brat has entered the chat and she has her eyes on Nina (not Wendy Williams)!

Watch the sneak peek below.

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