The “Ready To Love” season 4 finale aired on Friday (June 25), and we finally got to see which Houston singles decided they were ready to love and move forward as couples.

Get the scoop on the couples below.

Verneashia & Joél

Verneashia and Joèl make a good couple and they seem to have a genuine connection. You heard me?!

But, for some reason, I don’t think Joèl is all in. I think Verneshia’s possessive nature will have a negative impact on their relationship.

Amber & Chris

Kris came across as too happy to be chosen and I’m not sure he can handle Amber.

She is a beautiful girl, but she had moments during the season when she went into her messy bag.

She didn’t tell Chris that she kissed another dude until she was dimed out, and in my opinion, Chris didn’t handle that situation correctly.

I think Amber and Kris are better off as friends.

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Kyra & AJ

Kyra did not choose to be with AJ for obvious reasons.

They knew each other prior to the show, and Kyra admitted to holding a grudge against him for what she describes as her “worst date.”

During the date, AJ’s card declined while she was in the restroom, and instead of AJ telling her the truth, he told her she should pay for the date.

AJ didn’t tell Kyra the truth about the incident until they were on the show together.

I feel like that incident was stuck in Kyra’s psyche when she would imagine a future with AJ.

Both Kyra and AJ had other interests during the final weeks of the show.

Kyra was very indecisive about if she wanted to be with Jason or AJ, and when Jason moved on with Liz, she settled for AJ.

Kyra was visibly hurt when Jason told her he chose Liz over her.

Liz & Jason

Liz and Jason are the couple that I believe are truly ready to love, and I think their relationship will make it.

At first, I thought Liz was too old for him, but as time passed their chemistry grew and their spiritual bond became undeniable.

Liz would glow just from hearing his name. Jason did show some interest in Kyra, but I think Liz’s red dress and Kyra’s mind games led him to choose Liz.

Which couple from season 4 do you think are really “Ready To Love?”

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