Da Brat was a recent guest on the “Wendy Show” and boy did things get awkward!

Wendy Williams has been very flirtatious with her guests as of late and she kept that same energy with Brat.

Apparently, when Brat reached out to Wendy, after her documentary aired, and tried to be a friend to her, Wendy got her signals crossed and thought the rapper turned media personality was trying to shoot her shot.

Da Brat got Wendy together real quick saying:

Last time we talked, and I texted you, was after I saw your documentary and I felt like you ain’t got no real friends and I wanted to be your friend. So, I called to check on you.

When Wendy alluded to there being more to the convo, Brat responded:

Don’t do that, girl. I mean, I love you, but I ain’t never been attracted to you, girl.

Not knowing when to leave well enough alone, Wendy Williams asked, “If I were gay, would you like me?

Brat quickly responded, “Nope. You fly, but not for me.”

Watch the exchange below.

First, Gary Owen. Now, Brat.

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Wendy gotta stop acting like a dog with the pink thing out with her guests.

It’s not a good look.