Terrell Owens Kerfuffle Outside Of CVS Results In A Heckler Being Knocked Out

Terrell Owens mollywopped a heckler outside of a CVS in Los Angeles, on Saturday night (November 26), after the man allegedly invited him outside to fight.

According to Terrell, he stopped by the CVS to quickly grab a few items.

While inside the store, he was approached by a 49ers fan, and they had a friendly conversation.

Then, a second man jumped into the conversation without an invitation and started talking trash to the 49ers fan.

Witnesses say the heckler who jumped in the conversation threatened to beat up T.O. and the 49ers fan outside.

The video footage, captured by a bystander, starts with the heckler, who has his shirt off, dodging punches thrown by Terrell Owens.

The two men then circle each other for a while, sizing each other up in their boxing stances.

The heckler appears to throw a punch to T.O.’s body that he eats, and soon after, Terrell throws a three-punch combo (left jab, right hook, right jab) that sends the heckler to La La Land.

After the heckler wakes up from his nap, he appears to try to talk things out with T.O. until another man defuses the situation, and T.O. walks off.

Watch the video footage below:

Reportedly, Terrell Owens drove away in his Tesla after the incident, and police were not called to the scene.

Please leave Terrell alone! First, it was the Karen harassing him…now this!

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Source: TMZ

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