Ice T’s Wife Coco Austin Gets Emotional After He Tells Her She Is ‘The Best Mother To Chanel’

Coco Austin recently shed tears after her husband, Ice-T, praised her for being a great mother to their daughter Chanel.

Coco appeared on the “Tamron Hall” show, and Ice T left her a surprise video message since he couldn’t attend the interview due to filming obligations on “Law & Order SVU.”

Ice T’s surprise message:

This is a shoutout going to my wife Coco…

You are the most incredible person I ever met, the nicest person I ever met, and the best mother to Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine, alright!

I love you to death… 22 years baby, and it gets better every day.

Alright, love is love from the set of ‘Law & Order SVU’ y’all. 


Coco was overcome with emotions because of all the criticism she’s received online concerning the way she is raising their daughter Chanel.

You don’t hear the goodness you just hear a lot of bad, and I know I’m a good mother.

Because I dedicated the last six years. 

Of putting everything aside, my career, everything just for her.

And, you just want a little love. You want a little respect from people…

You know I just feel like especially when my things you should build other women up more instead of bringing them down.

Because, I mean, behind closed doors, and it doesn’t affect me because I’m very hard-headed when it comes to that stuff.

But, it’s just like why attack for the stupidest things I post… a stroller, really! 

You know breastfeeding, something I bond with my child.

Washing her in the sink maybe that’s just easier on me.

Like, little things like that, I just don’t understand.

I mean, when there’s a war going on when you should really attack the people that are fighting each other, but your going to get on me for having my daughter in a stroller?…

Like, it just doesn’t make sense to me, but I close it down.

I shut it down, and I’m very much stand up for the women part.

Since it happens to me I’m always online, like ‘Go girl!’

I’m trying to help other women because I know how it feels so I actually go out of my way to be nice.

Watch the clip of the Coco Austin interview on the “Tamron Hall” show below:

Coco needs to stop listening to the haters and continue to raise her daughter the way she sees fit.

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