According to Stephen A. Smith, LeBron James‘ behavior in NBA Bubble meetings to discuss the NBA boycott’s next steps turned players off.

He was speaking out of pocket and was talking to players in a fashion that really turned some of these young cats off…He came across as if he was the King with some crown.

But, Twitter questioned Stephen A.’s credibility.

Watch below as Stephen A. talks about LeBron’s behavior:

Stephen A. recently defended Fox News during a discussion about Brian Urlacher‘s tweet relating the NBA boycott to Brett Favre’s MNF game performance the day after his father passed.

Watch the video below:

Stephen A.’s stance on race relations has often been questioned by members in the black community.

Watch the video below as Terrell Owens checks Stephen A. live on ESPN:

I’ve often questioned Stephen A. Smith’s stance on race-related issues myself, and I prefer ‘Undisputed’ over ‘First Take’.

Do you believe what Stephen A. said about LeBron James behavior in the Bubble meetings?