Teddy Riley took to social media to issue an apology to comedian Tony Baker after he snapped off on him in the comments of the Alicia Keys and John Legend‘s Juneteenth Verzuz Celebration.

The legendary producer has been the butt and gut of social media jokes and memes after his “Doing Thee Most” epic fail during his first attempt at a Verzuz battle with Babyface.

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When Teddy slid up in the virtual function on Friday night, Tony commented:

Teddy Riley pulled up! Let’s pray that we don’t lose the internet connection??????

That’s when Teddy snapped! He was so mad that he abandoned fundamental spelling and grammar!

Tony Baker if you want to continue being funny you got a let Oh jokes become the pass or you will be stuck in the past brother. Grow up and get money! Remind you to jokes Only makes me money but you still broke.

Tony took to Instagram to speak on the incident and made it clear that he really meant no harm in making the joke.

A couple hours later, Teddy returned to IG in a luxury robe and offered Tony Baker an apology:

Yup Yup!