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D.L. Hughley Passes Out On Stage During Stand-Up Comedy Set (Video)

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D.L. Hughley left fans shocked and concerned when he passed out on stage during his stand-up comedy performance at Zanies in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday night (June 19).

In the clip, that has gone viral, D.L. begins to slur his speech and it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong.

Someone made their way onto the stage to check on D.L. Hughley and to support his body. That’s when he completely passed out, fell to the floor, and hit his head.

People quickly rushed to his aid and carried him off of the stage.

See the clip below:

VLAD took to Twitter saying he spoke to D.L. and he’s okay.

D.L. has yet to speak on the incident, but please send up a prayer for him.


D.L. Hughley is okay and he is being checked out by a doctor.

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Continued prayers to him.

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