The highly anticipated battle of hits between music icons Teddy Riley and Babyface was a total bust and a flame-broiled hot mess due to technical difficulties. Yup…Yup!

Teddy, who should be social distancing, showed up for the battle with a full production team, a microphone, and a keyboard as if he was about to perform at Madison Square Garden.

Meanwhile…Sir Kenneth Brian Edmonds came in smooth as a baby’s ass and sat down in his home studio radio ready to put in work.

Teddy Riley kicked off the battle with Doug E. Fresh‘s classic tune, “The Show,” and it was immediately apparent that his audio was trash. There was an echo that was killing viewers softly like Roberta Flack!

Four songs in… Teddy and his team finally got the memo from the thousands of comments in the LIVE telling them the audio was trash and they took a fiver in an attempt to fix it. But, not before trying to convince Babyface he was causing the audio issue.

Once they thought the issued had been corrected, Teddy insisted on starting over and Babyface kindly obliged.

Viewers had mini aneurysms!

So, they started over and two songs in, Teddy asks for a 30-minute timeout to get his audio together because it was still trash.

That was the moment I knew Babyface wasn’t coming back!

And I was right…

Watch The Battle

Babyface Cashes Out

Teddy Riley Apologizes

Teddy Riley eventually posted his own video about the postponement. He thanked fans for supporting and apologized on behalf of himself and Babyface. (Babyface doesn’t owe anyone an apology.)

It did not take long before the streets of social media began to clown what was supposed to be an epic event.

Peep the posts below!

Toni Braxton

Even Toni Braxton took to the streets of Twitter to clown Teddy Riley.

Peep her tweets below!

After wilding out, Toni Braxton later cleaned it up by tweeting she is simply biased towards her dear friend and longtime collaborator, Babyface.

Swizz Beatz

I’ll end this post with a message from Verzuz co-creator Swizz Beatz who says this battle will happen!

Your thoughts?