The cost of a college education is much higher than you can imagine. It will cost you an average of $8000 for a four-year course in a public university and not less than $25000 in a private institution. Yeah, that sounds unreal! Fortunately, there are several ways to save some money in school and still have an enjoyable time. Entertainment is an integral part of your academic journey; it is good to have fun even while focusing on attaining a lifetime milestone. Here are some of the entertainment cost-saving techniques that can you use while studying and still enjoy without getting hunted financially:

Find Local Gigs and Deals

During the weekends or holidays, you could look for fun gigs within your neighborhood. There are always events that require special skills such as drawing, painting, disk joking, among others. Such functions can provide you with an opportunity to get away from books and nourish your minds with an enjoyable experience. Not without mentioning that you can save your finances or even earn some extra dollars for your unique talent.

Look and Join Local Events 

Besides getting involved at the local events, you can attend free concerts, tournaments, and plays organized in your neighborhood or campus. For instance, your local soccer clubs might be having a tournament or a group of local actors are staging a drama show in the town hall, you can attend such events. While a packet of popcorn will cost you a few bucks, you will spend your time laughing and enjoying the show.  

Organize Non-Costly Outdoors

Whether you take a walk in the park, go for a bike road trip with your peers, or go mountain climbing, there are plenty of natural activities you can do and still have fun without spending much. Where you need to pay some fees such as park entry fees, you can produce your student id and get discounts. Sharing an ice-cream or taking photos with your friends on an adventure creates a fun moment to remember in the future. 

Participate in the On-Campus Activities

Students groups usually organize on-campus events to showcase individuals’ talents and hobbies. Also, interschool and interclass co-curricular activities are another way to have fun without spending a penny from your pocket.  These events will not only help a student to develop strong personal character but also create enjoyable and long-lasting memories. If you have a lot of things to do, including a class project and you need to get out to refresh your mind, you can get involved in such an activity. While going to rejuvenate yourself, you can seek help with assignment from professionals offering assistance. With your work being handled, you can get entertained by nature without incurring costly expenses. 

Look for Happy Hour Deals

Local entertainment joints, hotels, and restaurants usually have happy hour deals where students can enjoy a 5star meal and drinks at a discounted cost. You wouldn’t wish to miss an opportunity to sample that meal you have seen on a food blog without digging deep in your pocket. Check out on the local joints to see which are offering happy hours deals corresponding to your free time. Such moments when shared, create a strong bond and friendship, and the best part is you don’t have to spend beyond your means.

Participate in Tech-Savvy Forum

Today, almost every student is using social media like Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, Twitter, among others.  These forums have a lot of activities that students can participate without leaving the comfort of your seat.  Whether you attend a brick and mortar school or online classes, you can always access entertainment in the palm of your hand using your iPad. For example, you can practice dancing with friends through YouTube or online games via the internet in your free time.

Check Netflix for Your Favorite Movie

If you are a movie fan and it costs you a lot of money and time to buy or hire firm DVDs. You can look for alternatives online. There are online sites where you stream tv-series and movies at a reasonable price. Netflix is one such platform that offers viewers a variety of content, and you can enjoy watching your favorite series as you relax away from the serious business of reading. Also, instead of paying for an expensive ticket, buying bites and drinks to watch a movie in the theater, you can subscribe to an online site and enjoy watching with your peers.   

All Said and Done

As far as college life is expensive, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t entertain yourself as it helps you to balance your life. And while there are some expensive fun activities, there are also cheaper ways you can reduce your spending and still achieve your degree without being broke. 

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