College is usually a significant milestone for any individual. It is the place where careers are forged and also where many individuals learn more about themselves before they step into the real world. Apart from learning, college students get the opportunity to engage in several fun activities in college. The choice usually depends on the student’s personality, but it’s always advised to step out of your comfort zone. So, we have compiled a list of fun activities that undergrads can engage in that are safe and legal. 

Great Fun Activities For College Students

Watching Movies

Movies are a great way to have fun and pass the time while still relaxing your mind and keeping yourself entertained. You could choose to watch videos in the privacy of your room, maybe with a blanket and some popcorn. If that’s not enough, go out and watch a film on the big screen. i.e., the movie theater. Invite some friends and make it a movie night.

The movie theater has been a place where people chill, have fun, and enjoy themselves. Furthermore, there are movie theaters almost everywhere in the country, so your campus is likely to be close to one. 

Taking Walks

Walking is a fantastic way of clearing your head after a long day at school. Besides, it is a costless way of having fun. Walk to a park and relax on the grass or a bench. If you have a pet, walking it is even more fun. Besides, explore the city and learn more about the place. Who knows, you might discover your favorite spot. Just make sure you’re not walking on private property. 

Engaging in Sports 

Sporting activities are suitable for keeping you fit and having fun. In case there is a sporting activity you enjoy participating in or are good at, you might choose to play against friends on the weekends. Shoot some hoops for basketball fans. For football lovers, the Sunday league is usually an excellent way to have fun. 


Swimming is a pleasant activity to undertake on your own or with friends. There are various swimming games you can play with your friends or even go for your relaxation after a hard day. Academic writing, sometimes, becomes strenuous, especially if it entails long or complex papers. Swimming, therefore, acts as a relaxation and stress relieving activity. Also, by swimming often, you would improve or maintain fitness. 

Attending Sporting Events

Being a good fan of a particular sport also has its advantages. A fun way of enjoying sports is going for a live match. It will give you a good chance of seeing some of your heroes in action from the stands. Being part of the cheering crowd is also an exciting experience. 

Going to Concerts

There are many bands and many artists who go on tour every month. Based on what you fancy, book a ticket and attend a live concert of your favorite artist. Invite some friends who share your taste and enjoy the day. It can be a large concert or a small one. Concerts provide the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, which is cool. 


In case you don’t feel like going anywhere, or if you are an introvert, gaming is a great way to kill time and have some fun for yourself. Playing online with people from different parts of the planet is always great. Furthermore, you may invite some friends over and compete against each other in multiplayer games with some snacks involved. Other indoor board games also apply here, like Monopoly and Jenga. 


The mall is always fun. There is usually a lot to do there from sampling different flavors of new products to trying out outfits and observing the latest trends. Shopping doesn’t always mean you have to spend money. As a college student, it’s normal to be a little broke. Window shopping is legal and a way to have fun with friends.


Sleeping has to close this list because it comes naturally. It’s not a rule that you should be out all night to enjoy yourself. A long peaceful sleep does a lot for you. If the day is too hot or too cold to go out, stay in and enjoy some rest. 

Great Fun Activities For College Students

Final Thoughts

Having fun in college doesn’t have to involve alcohol or drugs. You can choose how you want to enjoy yourself by just being you. Different people have different ideas of fun. The above are just a few examples of the many ways you can spend your free time. Just remember to maintain a healthy balance between academic life and your fun activities.