A degree in entertainment became very popular nowadays. Many people apply for diverse programs in entertainment as this major is very creative and fun to study, so they won’t have to turn to a paper writer to get their boring essays written. If you are pursuing your degree in entertainment and would love to know what are your career prospects, then this article is for you. This field is pretty fascinating indeed, and career options with such a degree are immense. Down below, you will find out what are the main career options with a degree in entertainment. 

Job Options With A Degree In Entertainment
  • Artist Manager 

You will be representing a certain artist or an entertainment group and handle all aspects related to their professional life and manage their acts. You will be advising them to come up with the most effective career decisions, manage the schedule, work with third parties. Also, you will guide them through their creative activities while helping make the appropriate decision to achieve success. 

  • Digital Marketing and Advertising 

Marketing is a very demanding career field that always searches for top talents that will be able to promote any product, especially in the entertainment field. There are all the variety of options; you can work in digital marketing, advertising, or PR. You will have to handle all public relations, build media brand (entertainment company or artist) image, arrange interviews, contact with media channels, and handle online advertising. 

  • Event Manager 

This profession involves organizing all sorts of events (from a festival to a party) that vary in size and importance. You will be responsible for the whole event, and you will deal with all related aspects to make the event happen and be a top-notch occasion for all guests. You will cope with budgeting, choosing and booking a venue, order tickets, food, decoration, and so on. 

  • Tour Manager 

A tour manager will be responsible for organizing and coordinating all aspects of an artist’s tour. These include all travel bookings, show coordination, budgeting, handling financial expenses, etc. You will also be responsible for communicating with local booking agents regarding the venue and the overall show organization. 

  • Booking Agent

Booking agents are responsible for finding new talents that will be a perfect match for a film or TV show. The job requires excellent communication skills, as you will have to deal with different people and have a huge network in the entertainment field. You will also work closely with managers that will approve a candidate. 

  • TV Producer

A TV producer usually copes with all the financial aspects as well as other operational processes that include establishing a budget, hiring managers, directors, and other team members. You will be responsible for the timely completion of all projects, and everything a viewer sees on a screen is a work closely managed by a TV producer. 

  • Cinematographer

A cinematographer is fully in charge of shooting a film. You will be responsible for shots during movie production. However, this job also requires additional skills in animation, special effects that are needed to shoot a great motion picture. 

  • Illustrator

An illustrator generally creates all the variety of pictures that are used for magazines, books, videos, movies, cartoons, and other visual media. This job is pretty universal as you can work across different industries, but entertainment offers broader career opportunities that you can benefit from. 

  • Art Director

An art director will be responsible for the implementation of the creative vision for a show, film, TV program to come up with a unique identity that will stand out among others. An art director is a pretty multifunctional job that involves cross-team collaboration with other coordinators and managers. 

  • Costume Designer

If you are passionate about fashion, then this job will be perfect for you. You will be responsible for combining outfit, colors, fabrics, textures for actors to create visually appealing looks that will also transmit the main character’s personality to understand their age, occupation, personal traits. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, you have all the variety of career options with an entertainment degree, and there are plenty more interesting, creative, and highly-paying jobs on the market. If you study well and obtain all the precious skills and knowledge in the field, you will get broader opportunities for your future professional success.