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Cardi B appears to be reconsidering pursuing her $4 million judgment against popular and controversial YouTuber Tasha K after she made an emotional plea to the Grammy Award-winning rapper.

Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Transrina Kebe, took to YouTube on Wednesday night and became extremely emotional as she talked about her childhood trauma and the impact it’s had on her life. 

She also opened up about her past struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts as well as her personal challenges in her life and career. 

Tasha K went on to take real accountability for misusing her platform and her gift of gab to hurt others – namely Cardi B.

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Tasha K Makes An Emotional Plea To Cardi B

The video blogger made it very clear that her honesty and transparency were not in an effort to get out of the $4 million she owes Cardi. 

Tasha says she reached out to the “Bongos” rapper after Cardi made an alarming social media post about wanting to put a “bullet in her head” and kill herself.

Tasha K said that she reached out to Cardi B via DM writing: 

If you put a bullet in your head, Cardi…who is going to teach me to be a better person? Please stop posting stuff like this. I’m gonna pay you. I just can’t afford the $4 million.  

I said too many kids love you to be reading stuff like this and believe it or not…I love you. 

Tasha K admitted, “That was the hardest thing for me to say to her. But, it’s true.” 

She on to tell Cardi B that she loved her for “leveling me up mentally and teaching me to not misuse the gift that God gave me that people thank me for.

Tasha K ended her message by saying, “Now, see you in court.”

Watch the video below. (15:38 mark)

Is Cardi B Having A Change Of Heart About Her Shmoney?

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It appears Tasha K’s video tugged at Cardi B’s heartstrings. 

She took to Twitter Spaces saying: 

They say that I am the toughest, weakest bish! But, my heart is very big and I’m not going to make decisions right away about things because I’ve gotten burnt so many times in life. 

Cardi B went on to share that she plans to her mother about this situation because everyone else won’t understand. 

I don’t want to talk to my friends because my friends are looking at me like, ‘Bish, don’t you fuggin ever!’ I’m not going to talk to my husband cause my husband is calling a poosay.

And I’m not going to talk to my fans because I know that y’all don’t play about me. But, I’m going to talk to my mom. I’m going to talk to my mom tomorrow.

Because…let me tell you something I can tell when somebody is depressed. I can tell when somebody is going through some shizznit and I can tell when somebody just feel like they don’t have nobody to talk to.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me happy. I don’t want to make wrong decisions. That’s why I just want to talk to my mom tomorrow. I want to talk to my lawyers. 

Cardi B concluded her Twitter Spaces with a message for Tasha K: 

Stop hurting people. Stop hurting people, take a breather, think, and I’m not telling y’all this because like I said don’t think that I’m like this type of person. And it’s like, ‘Aww, she’s so nice. Cardi is such a nice person,’ cause bish I can get real fuggin nasty!

Listen below. 

Social Media Reacts

Tasha K has been trending on social media as the public reacts to her heartfelt message to Cardi B.

The general public is warning Cardi not to fall for the okie doke.

YouTuber Armon Wiggins took to Twitter writing:

If Cardi B forgives Tasha k and drops the lawsuit! I will get on my knees and bow down to Tasha K and officially DEEM her The Queen Of Media and I would be her SON! Because she would have pulled off the GREATEST FINESS of ALL TIME! No shade!

Another person commented:

Cardi B don’t do it Tasha k is a master manipulator. She’s not sorry, she doesn’t give a damn as soon as you drop that lawsuit she gonna go right back to talking shizznit about you and then you gonna be looking like a damn fool.

Read more Twitter reactions below.

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