Tamia & Grant Hill Slays Their Rendition Of Marvin Sapp’s Classic Song “Never Would’ve Made It” (Video)

The beautiful and multi-talented singer Tamia and her NBA Hall of Fame husband, Grant Hill, recently shared a video to Instagram doing their rendition of Marvin Sapp’s classic song, “Never Would’ve Made It.”

Tamia said Grant Hill was playing the song on the piano and she couldn’t resist so she joined in.

@realgranthill was playing this @marvinsapp classic on the piano, and I had to join in.. #thankful #tamia#tamiahill #granthill

Who knew Grant Hill plays the piano?

Tamia effortlessly delivers a beautiful lyrical performance while Grant works the keys. They make a great team.

Watch the video below:

Shout out to Tamia and Grant Hill for sharing.


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